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  • Pneumatic strapping machine
Pneumatic strapping machine

Pneumatic strapping machine

  • Product Item : CMV / A series
  • Category: Strapping machine
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  • For PP/PET strap use
  • Power by air
  • Strap Dim.: W 13mm ~ 25mm
  • Strap Dim.: T 0.5mm ~ 1.5mm
  • Product description:Pneumatic strapping machine is widely used because of the advantages of convenience, high force, low repair rate and well environmentally suitability.
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Pneumatic strapping tool is used widely because of high tension force and well environmental suitability. Especially it can use width 19mm and 25mm big size PET strap and remedy the disadvantage of battery powered strapping tool.

There is a kind of pneumatic tool which only has weld function specially uses on packing cotton, fiber, and recycle clothes. This tool need to use PET strap which is cut to the length you need. This product is cutting to length PET strap.

Popular brand CMV/ AQD/ A SERIES

Strap qualities: Polyester (PET) and/Polypropylene (PP)

Strap dimensions: 13mm ~ 25mm (Width)

0.5mm ~ 1.5mm (thickness)

Binding constrictive force (When input pressure 0.63Mpa):3500N

Optimal Working pressure: 0.63Mpa

Air Pressure: 0.5~ 0.7 Mpa (72 ~ 100 psi)

Consumption of Air Compressed : 0.3L / Min

Adjusting Range of Welding Time: 2-5 S

Net Weight: 3.8 kg

pneumatic strapping tool set

details of pneumatoc strapping tool CMV

details of pneumatic strapping tool A series


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