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  • SEARO polyester (PET) strapping
SEARO polyester (PET) strapping

SEARO polyester (PET) strapping

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  • High strength
  • Transparent green
  • Rust/Water resistance
  • Environment friendly
  • Product description:Polyester strapping is processed by using environmental protection "Polythene Terephthalate’’ as raw material.It is a kind of plastic strap, but with the advantages of ligh weight and high strength.
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SEARO polyester (PET) strapping,is processed by using environmental protection "Polythene Terephthalate’’ as raw material. It is a kind of plastic strap.Instead of steel strap, it can save about 50% cost comparing steel strapping. Polyester (PET) strapping have been used in various industries like aluminum ingot, glass, ceramic, ply wood, construction material like stone, marble and brick, Paper, Cotton baling, Fiber baling, Clothes bailing, Steel plate, Steel pipe etc.

Benefits of SEARO polyester (PET) strapping:

Convenience: Light in weight, which is easy to carry.

Appearance: It reduces indentation at unprotected package corners.

Preservation: Do not rust and stain products when exposed to the elements.

Environmental protection: It’s recyclable, which reduces packaging waste and disposal cost.

Safety: It’s safer to use than steel strap. It doesn’t have sharp edges and eliminate backlash.

The specification of SEARO polyester(PET) strapping

We can produce the specification of 9-25mm in width, 0.6-1.2mm in thickness, surface smooth and embossed.We can also do custom made term.

SEARO specification of polyester strapping

SEARO polyester (PET) strapping/Quality Assurance

SEARO ensure high quality products by conducting strict quality control. We perform tests on width, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, flatness, straightness, etc.

test the strength of polyester strapping

test the breaking strength of polyester strapping

SEARO is an active manufacturer and supplier of polyester(PET) strapping. We sell 30% of products in Taiwan and 70% to  countries in oversea.

SEARO takes seriously into every purchase from customers. We control every step strictly from

producing to shipping.

SEARO polyester(PET) strapping is produced with serious communication with customers about their request and calculate the best packing way and exact loading quantity according to customers’ specs. We always try our best to help customers saving transportation cost.

SEARO takes pictures when we load and provide these photos to customers. SEARO track the shipping progress for customers until the goods arrive. Our intentions will set our customers’ mind at rest and have 100% re-order.


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